‘Anti-wokism’ as a distraction from the lack of any positive policy proposals

In the latest episode of his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver examines Ron DeSantis’s record as governor of Florida and shows that his schtick is entirely based on fighting what he calls ‘wokism’, a word that is undefined but seems to mean anything that he dislikes and can be used to rile up the party base on culture war issues. He does not seem to have done anything that materially improves the lives of Floridians but instead feeds their grievances.


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    “Lack of any positive policy proposals” has been a central feature of Republicanism since about 1981, when their entire economic philosophy, vaguely summed up as “supply-side economics” and other equally vacuous phrases, began to be exposed as a deliberate fraud whose real aim was to discredit and defund all meaningful government attempts to correct any injustices anywhere. They’ve been actively distracting attention away from this, any way they can, by any means necessary.

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    Speaking of lack of any positive policy proposals, here’s an article from the Daily Beast, via Yahoo! News, saying that Trump had said he would have let Russia annex (more) parts of Ukraine — and Hannity edited that bit out before airing the interview:


    During a radio interview with Fox News host (and longtime confidant) Sean Hannity on Monday, the twice-impeached ex-president finally revealed how he personally would have prevented the war. According to Trump, all he needed to do was let Russia “take over” parts of Ukraine…

    Later that evening, Hannity played excerpts of his “exclusive” interview with Trump on his primetime Fox News program, along with highlights of Trump’s bombastic speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Though Hannity aired the segment featuring the ex-president boasting that he could have stopped the war, he curiously omitted the portion where Trump revealed his plan…

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    Even the good things Rhonda Santis has done for Florida (Everglades restoration, funds for fighting algae blooms) would likely have been done better by Charlie Crist. As for the rest of his actions, it will take decades to recover. Probably not in my lifetime.

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