Jordan Klepper attends a Trump non-rally

The intrepid comedian once again enters MAGAworld when he goes to a recent event in South Carolina where Trump had an event. It was not the kind of big rally that Trump used to have but the people who came seemed to be of the same type, willing to share the weirdest ideas.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    If one wishes to enlist in the US military, I guess one has to be very careful to ask for the enlistment form for the ‘good’ military.
    Also, it is apparently very tricky to know if you are following the orders of the REAL President. Being sworn in by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS isn’t good enough. If the seal on the President’s podium is counterfeit, then you can ignore the order. Does the Secret Service detect fake seals like they do fake money? Because if they do, why are they guarding a fake President? Or, are those fake Secret Service agents too? It’s just so confusing!

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