Alex Jones may have disappointed some of his followers

Alex Jones is discovering that his appeals for privacy about what happened at his home on Christmas Eve that resulted in the police being called ind his wife arrested are falling on deaf ears. The Daily Beast has obtained the police report of the incident.

Alex Jones’ wife Erika Wulff Jones allegedly struck the far-right conspiracy theorist “over 20 times” and threatened to hit him in the head with a stone ball, causing him to “fear for his life,” according to police documents reviewed by The Daily Beast.

According to the Travis County arrest affidavit, during an initial 911 phone call with police, Jones told an emergency operator that his wife had struck him over the head multiple times and was “holding a polished club in her hand” and attempting to “hit him with it.”

When police arrived at the house, Jones further claimed Wulff Jones had struck him “several times,” while an officer observed the far-right radio host’s hair as “red” and “wet.” Jones later told police that “Erika had hit him with both closed fists and open hands on his head in front of their child,” the affidavit stated.

According to Jones, Erika had accused him of “cheating on her,” leading to a violent altercation as the duo bathed their child. (Jones has three other children from a previous marriage.)

Erika allegedly struck Jones “over 20 times,” including once over the head with a bottle, “possibly shampoo,” causing the contents to get on his face and “cause burning to his eyes,” the report continued. “[Jones] stated he tried to get away from her in the master bedroom, and she followed him with a stone ball trying to strike him.”

It was at this point, police wrote, that Jones was “in fear for his life.”

Police located a stone, weighing approximately five pounds, in the primary bedroom, “consistent” with the alleged weapon. Jones told police that she never hit him with the stone, but “threw it at his head, missing by inches.”

Erika disputed Alex’s claims, telling police that no “threats” were made and that no “assault” occurred at the scene. “I spoke with Erika,” a responding officer wrote, observing that she had “a strong odor of alcohol” on her breath. “She stated Alexander was angry from trying to visit family prior.” She was eventually arrested and charged with two misdemeanors: one for the alleged assault of her husband; the other for allegedly resisting arrest.

A second police affidavit reviewed by The Daily Beast claimed that Erika was adamant about not going to jail and at one point broke free of handcuffs and began “swing[ing] her fists and kicking” police officers called for backup, while “striking at least one.”

She was released Sunday morning on bond.

There are two elements of this affair that actually reflect well on Jones. One is that he was helping with the bathing of their child. The other is that although he looks like a big powerful person and cultivates a tough talking, macho image, he did not strike his wife even as she reportedly hit him multiple times. However, this side of him may not go over well with some of his male followers who may see both those things as him being a wuss. In their eyes, real men would not dream of sharing in domestic chores such as bathing the kids, leaving it to their womenfolk. And they would not tolerate their wives even talking back to them, let alone giving them such a beating that they feared for their lives and had to call the police.


  1. StonedRanger says

    I am no fan of alex jones. Period. Having said that, domestic violence is not funny no matter who is the victim of it.

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