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Robert Moore of the British ITV News and his cameraperson were embedded with the mob that stormed the Capitol building and captured gripping video of the events and the people who were involved. It was really ugly.

Meanwhile, I received from a friend this clip (made by Donald Trump’s idiot son) of people in the White House actually celebrating as they watched the riot unfold on TV screens.


  1. says

    Apparently that 2nd video was during the rally, but before the breach of the Capitol grounds. You can actually see on the TV screens the rally stage from which Trump is about to speak. When Jr. says near the end of the video that they are “T minus a couple of seconds” they mean that it’s a couple seconds before Trump is introduced. Trump himself spoke for an hour-ish, and his language exhorting people to march on the Capitol Building and force “weak Republicans” to fight hadn’t yet been spoken. Now maybe those remarks were scripted, but he hadn’t said them yet.

    So while I find his actions generally horrible yesterday, I don’t think it’s fair to present this video as occurring simultaneously with the riots & violence.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    Jr. also tweeted “Be peaceful and use your 1st Amendment rights, but don’t start acting like the other side.” So as far as I am concerned he can go bleep himself.

  3. rich rutishauser says

    Here’s hoping actually do chase down these moron insurrectionists with the same vigor that they go after BLM protestors…or even traffic violators.

  4. mnb0 says

    No must-see videos at all, because like almost all media, they concentrate on the spectacular and senstionatal symptom. They add exactly zilch information about the underlying fundamental problem, let alone that they suggest what to do with about it.
    So some white supremacists will be arrested. Hooray. They will be hailed as martyrs, like Horst Wessel (who was actually quite a goof). Next time the mob will be bigger and who knows, with a competent leader.
    Hope what you want. It will change nothing.

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