How it all went down

The Guardian has a detailed breakdown. with maps, photos, and videos of the sequence of events as they unfolded yesterday. They also provide a sequence of the inflammatory rhetoric of Trump and his acolytes leading up to yesterday.

One thing jumped out at me about the crowd: “Members of the crowd, including some wearing body armour and helmets, begin peeling away from the park, walking the kilometre or so down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol.”

This is consistent with other reports that I read that said that some of the people who first breached the capitol building were organized and following a pre-determined plan. This was not entirely a spontaneous riot.


  1. Steve Cameron says

    The ladder in one of the photos in the collections you linked to yesterday got me thinking that a lot of people already knew what they were going to do. The other photo that struck me was of a mob tramping through the hall of statues but who were all taking care to stay between the velvet ropes. Ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

  2. machintelligence says

    If it was organized, it was singularly unsuccessful. Perhaps the President expected more mayhem and a higher body count which he could use in turn to further inflame his supporters. After their initial confusion, and after reinforcements arrived, law enforcement showed amazing restraint (some would say too much restraint.) Given current facial recognition technology, I would expect significant numbers of charges in the coming weeks.

  3. John Morales says

    machintelligence, perhaps the idea was that the “popular” uprising would galvanise and reassure Republican members and intimidate and demoralise Democratic members.

    “The People are with us!”

    If so, it backfired.

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