Trump’s increasingly pro-forma complaints of election fraud

It looks like Trump has decided to slowly begin the process of conceding that he has lost the election and will be leaving the White House. In a peevish exchange with reporters, he said that he will leave if the Electoral College announces that Biden has got the most votes, though he insisted that such an ascertainment would be a mistake because the election was a fraud. Of course, it dos not matter in the least that he is saying he will leave because he will have to go whether he agrees to or not.

Then later he tweeted angrily that his comments had been misreported.

He was also incensed that he was mocked on Twitter for the incongruous image of him sitting at a very small desk during his session with the press.

Trump keeps tweeting in all caps that the ELECTION IS RIGGED but it is looking increasingly like it is sinking in to him that he has lost though he will try to avoid using the word ‘concede’ as long as he can.

Seth Meyers looks at his desperation.


  1. KG says

    The Pennsylvania case -- asking the judge to declare him the winner even though he lost and his “lawyers” presented no evidence of fraud -- is now being appealed to the Supreme Court. My hunch is that even the far right ideologues he foisted on it will not be prepared to discredit themselves by giving him what he wants -- they are set for life, and if he expects gratitude or loyalty from them, he’s almost as much of a fool as he looks.

  2. Who Cares says

    @KG(#1): There is a barrier that is almost insurmountable for Guilani with that appeal. The federal appeals court that denied Guiliani is Trump appointed, or at least let a Trump appointed judge (while the other two have their appointments through republican presidents) write the opinion. The supreme court will take that into account when reviewing, especially since appeals court considered the case to have so little merit that they allowed it to be labeled non-precedential.
    There is a bigger chance that the supreme courts takes the case to make a binding negative judgement or statement against cases like this then to help Trump. Though as always with the supreme court reading tea leaves is easier then the motivation and direction of that motivation of the judges on it.

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