Entitled no more?

After Ivanka and Jared Kushner moved to Washington DC in January 2017, they enrolled their children in Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School. But three weeks ago on October 19, they transferred them to Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in suburban Maryland. They claimed that they were doing this because Berman was holding in-person classes, which of course is what the Trump has been advocating for all schools. But now it is revealed that the move was necessitated by Milton asking them to remove their children after complaints from other parents.

Why? Because Jared and Ivanka were not complying with the safety guidelines required of all members of the families at all times, even when they are off campus.

A statement from the school on Wednesday, describes the protocols that parents must follow:

“Students and families are expected to adhere to any and all social distancing guidelines and mask requirements while not on campus to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 as well as reducing the risk of exposing employees and/or MILTON’s students to COVID-19,” one passage relevant to parental compliance says. “To help reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure at the School, the School asks all families to limit their attendance at large public or private gatherings, events, and other activities to those where social distancing can be maintained and guidance regarding masks is followed. Families and students should avoid hosting or attending large gatherings where proper social distancing measures are not feasible.”

Of course all the Trumps brazenly flouted these simple safety guidelines because of their science denial and their weird decision to make them into some kind of political statement, attending crowded events without masks that were heavily covered in the media. Their strong sense of entitlement probably made them think that they could ignore the guidelines that mere mortals like the other parents must follow.

It is interesting that although they left the school on October 19, the school issued this statement just two days ago. I wonder if the school felt freer to reveal that they had essentially kicked the Kushners out after Trump lost the election and it became clear that the Kushners no longer have any clout and they would be leaving the DC area soon anyway to go back to New York City with their tails between their legs. If so, the Kushners are discovering that the protective bubble that surrounds those close to the president is slowly but surely crumbling, though the entitlement that comes with being rich and white will remain.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Of course all the Trump’s brazenly flouted these simple safety guidelines …

    Speaking of protective bubbles -- hurry! I can only hold back the Apostrophe Police for so long -- flush it!!!

    [Done! -- Mano]

  2. seachange says

    It is part of Jewish tradition that gossip is very bad. It is unlikely that the school would announce their departure at the time of their departure, unless staying silent would result in death or some severe consequence. Something may have, but is not necessary to have come up that resulted in them believing that their departure was about to become common knowledge. COVID 19 does involve death. After that, saying that they have left is no longer gossip and becomes important information that another person would need to know.

    It is part of jewish tradition that God wants us to live and that life should be sweet. Shabbes wine shouldn’t be optional. Any other school those kids go to, if it is Jewish and takes this seriously, should be very interested in keeping its staff and students alive and protected against the easily foreseeable risk of COVID, and that they remain unharmed by any sequelae. Because the new school is not interested in gossiping either, the new school didn’t tell the old school “this is where the Kushner kids are now enrolled”.

    That the annoucement is now is a purposeful and appropriate cut.

  3. anat says

    seachange @4:

    Shabbes wine shouldn’t be optional.

    Unless like me, one doesn’t find wine pleasurable. Or there is a medical reason to abstain. Or…

    Back when I first encountered the internet, before the WWW, I happened to find a Usenet archive of soc.culture.jewish One thread had a discussion of whether it was *permissible* for an observant Jew to be vegetarian because the Shabbat celebration must be joyful, and there is no joy without meat and wine. Have they never heard of people having different tastes? And that there is more to joy than physical sensation in the first place?

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