Sarah Cooper exposes Trump’s incoherence

One of the things that some people have noticed is that you have to read the transcripts of Trump’s utterances to fully appreciate how incoherent or crazy are the things he says. Peter Wade gives an example of this with the transcript of Trump’s response to question asked him by one of his Fox News sycophants who realizes that Trump has lost the plot entirely and tries vainly to get him back on point.

But comedian Sarah Cooper has found another way and made a couple of short online videos where she lip syncs to Trump’s words. Others have done this lip-syncing too but the way she does it really captures his craziness. In the above link, she explains to Lawrence O’Donnell how she does it.

Here is one of her clips.


  1. Ridana says

    I love her videos, but she’s done way more than a couple.
    I think my favorites are “How to more cases than anyone else in the world,” and “I tested very positively.” But they’re all “so perfect.”
    I’d also argue that while Peter Wade has the RS byline, the credit should really go to Chris Hayes for doing the piece in the first place.

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