Anti-social behavior

These two Pearls Before Swine cartoon strips caught my attention because they were slightly more extreme representations of me.

I too do not find large parties very congenial and sometimes end up wishing I could find a good book instead.

While I am not as bad as Rat, it is the case that I can find social interactions, even with people I really like, exhausting. The difference is that after a couple of hours, I tend to fade out somewhat and seek to leave, rather than becoming hostile.


  1. Shanti Rasiah says

    Looks like you are not into the social bogus scene which most people seem to enjoy and the
    reason they get invited!!!

  2. mnb0 says

    “after a couple of hours,”
    That long?

    “I tend to fade out somewhat and seek to leave”
    Sometimes being Dutch is a privilege. “Gotta go” is good enough a reason. Sure, you can expect “Such a pity! Stay for a while!”. Just insist: “Really gotto go” and you will be good.

  3. says

    Hell is the enforced company of other people pretending to have fun. And constant loud noise brings on my tinnitus something shocking.

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