The kiss of death

Neoconservative warmonger Bill Kristol is wrong about pretty much everything and this tweet from him should give the rest of us a good idea of whom NOT to support in the Democratic primary.

So that rules out Biden, Buttigieg, Bloomber, and Klobuchar. The fact that he gives a lukewarm endorsement of Elizabeth Warren should make her pause to try and understand where she is going wrong.

I think it is safe to say that, by omission, Kristol hates Bernie Sanders and that should be taken as a very good sign for Bernie.

Tom Tomorrow has some thoughts on this.


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    The Hamberdler is responsible for a lot of things, but that he tore apart the fabric of reality to make it so that Bill Kristol is no longer 100% wrong about everything at all times has to be the most mind-warpingly weirdest thing he’s caused.

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