Trevor Noah explains to Kanye West the realities of black voting patterns

For some reason, rapper Kanye West, who once famously said that George W. Bush does not like black people, has become a supporter of Donald Trump and the Republican party. But he does not stop there. He has gone on to suggest that black people have been brainwashed to vote Democratic and that he is one of the few who has seen the light.

Trevor Noah talks to his studio audience between taping parts of his show. In this clip, he carefully explains to West why black people vote the way they do, because for them voting is not something to be taken lightly as it is for rich people like West for whom it does not really matter who is in office. It matters deeply in so many ways.


  1. A Sloth named Sparkles says

    Not just Kanye, but most of those former anti-Bush somehow ended up as Trump supporters, IDWs, or alt-right. Emphasis on the differences between the three, as neither IDWs nor alt-right claimed that they support Trump; however, they act like his supporters.

    What should be studied is the journey of anti-Bush guys like Kanye or most the New Atheists somehow ended up as either Trump supporters or the alt-right. What happened between then and now? What makes them ended up in where their position is now?

  2. Harry says

    I wish more commentators also dealt with the fact that 55% of African-Americans (including myself) live in the South, which is largely bereft of any constitutional right to ballot initiatives for constitutional amendments or statute law. When we can’t initiate our own legislation, we don’t have the room to vote on our own issues beyond partisan lines. Instead, we’re held hostage by the state legislatures, their gerrymandering and the GOP.

  3. ColeYote says

    Frankly I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard Kanye West explain *why* he’s started being Trump supporter, I remember a while back they met up with each other and Kanye asked Fuckwit to consider doing a bunch of things that Scumbag has been vocally against his entire political career.

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