I am fed up with these private expressions of misgivings

As Donald Trump continues to act like a deranged king, issuing orders and statements that reveal a dangerously lawless mindset, some of those around him are trying to have it both ways. They continue to serve him and are thus accomplices, while seeking absolution for their complicity by whispering to sympathetic reporters that they disapprove of what he is doing. They are no different from the enablers of celebrity sexual predators.

The media write these stories to suggest that the Trump administration is in disarray. That may well be true but at some point they have to realize that by writing such stories, they are also part of Trump’s enablers, since they are salving the consciences of those who continue to serve him and enable him to continue the actions they say they deplore. These people who do not have the courage of their convictions to publicly rebuke Trump and resign (or even be anonymous whistleblowers) are the kinds of people who, when they do leave the administration, end up using their sympathetic reporter contacts to find jobs in the media. This revolving door between anonymous sources and media punditry is a well-oiled one.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right to call out these crocodile tears and the reporters who provide the crocodiles with handkerchiefs.


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    Trump has successfully managed several things.
    1) The USA is now genuinely a laughing stock, worldwide.
    2) He exposed the utter hypocrisy and complete lack of any morals and principles of the Republican party.
    3) He has managed to stall progress on combatting climate change, possibly enough for there being no hope to get back on the right track on time anymore. After he gets re-elected he will manage just that for sure. And if he does not get reelected -- which I do not believe -- the GOP senate will happily continue to thwart any serious effort by his successor and continue to lead the humanity on the course over the edge of the cliff.

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