The awful coverage of Bernie Sanders by the ‘liberal’ media

I can understand why the conservative media hates Bernie Sanders. He is a democratic socialist who has scathingly castigated the oligarchy and their supporters for creating vast inequality in wealth and incomes in the US and called for a radical restructuring of the government and the economy that will serve ordinary people rather that further enriching the already wealthy. And he has been fighting for the rights of the marginalized all his life.

What his candidacy has revealed is how the so-called ‘liberal’ elements in the media also hate him, using all manner of false claims and trivialities to discredit his candidacy. They talk more about the optics than the facts of where he stands with issues. It reminds me of how in 2000, the liberal media ran with the idea that George W. Bush was a better companion to share a beer with than Al Gore, as if that were an important factor in voting for a president.

This clip, that supposedly was created by a Sanders supporter and is being distributed by the campaign, juxtaposes the ‘liberal’ false characterizations of Sanders with what he is really like.


  1. Holms says

    You’ll also still find supposed progressives bemoaning Bernie, placing some blame on him and his supporters for the 2016 loss to Donald, and claiming his ideas to be too crazy/unworkable etc.. Even here on FTB!

  2. John Morales says

    So, not “The awful courage of Bernie Sanders”.

    Anyway, I suspect his heart attack will sink his candidacy moreso than negative coverage.

  3. Canadian Steve says

    You need to keep in mind who is the “liberal media”, and for which readers/viewers it is intended. The liberal media is operated by, and are targeted toward, members of the so called centrist democratic establishment that is in favour of low taxes, deregulation and limited government, at the cost of a more equal society. What separates them from conservatives is respect for some liberal rights causes that are not in conflict with these economic goals. Considering this bias, it’s not surprising they are negative toward Sanders.

  4. polishsalami says

    John Morales #2:

    As usual, you can be trusted to turn up here with an incoherent remark. Ophelia not blogging today?

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    … the idea that George W. Bush was a better companion to share a beer with …

    Which notion requires everyone to conveniently forget Dubya’s decades-long troubles with alcohol addiction.

    Perhaps the Chris Matthews types have just led very sheltered lives. Having been there too many times, I’d rather hang out with boring people than with problem drunks falling off the wagon.

  6. aspleen says

    I have to disagree with the claim that there’s a general media bias against Sanders. There’s certainly nothing like the bias that Fox News and conservative talk radio has against Democrats, Hillary Clinton in particular. Sanders actually picked a fight earlier this past August with the Washington Post about alleged bias, but didn’t back it up with examples, so I think this video is just more finger of blame pointing. Why? I suppose to discredit political reporting in general from the “mainstream” media as being pro-establishment as opposed to Sanders’ anti-establishment stance. In other words, it’s Bernie against the rest, including Warren who has been making inroads into his support.

  7. Steve Cameron says

    Ass spleen, if you’re looking for examples of media bias why don’t you watch the video?

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