Jonathan Pie exposes Boris Johnson’s sham diversity

Supporters of the new British prime minister Boris Johnson are boasting that he has formed one of the most diverse cabinets when it comes to people of color. But faux journalist Jonathan Pie asks what use gender and ethnic diversity provides if the people are all right-wingers devoted to enriching the already wealthy. (Language advisory, of course.)


  1. lanir says

    Comparing Boris to Donald there does seem to be one thing that stands out. Boris seems capable of talking and thinking in whole sentences and communicating one idea before he moves on to the next one.

    Not sure if that’s a practical benefit or not. I guess we’ll see. It’s possible the only difference will be that when we get screwed over and look back on how it happened, we’ll see a bunch of ineptitude barely covering brazen corruption. Whereas they may just have to dig harder to find the same corruption.

  2. Mobius says

    I love Pie. He is right up there with Stewart (unfortunately retired), Colbert and Bee in his comedic take on politics. Brilliant.

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