The second Democratic debate

Once again, I did not have time to watch the second night of the Democratic primary debate. To be quite honest, there was really nobody on the stage last night that I was particularly interested in, except for Julian Castro whom I’d like to learn more about. The top three in the polls of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker tend to leave me cold. I see them all as party establishment candidates, with Biden and Harris having very problematic records as well, while it is not clear exactly what Booker stands for. Booker strikes me as a charismatic, highly skilled and ambitious politician but one who will be too willing to accommodate powerful interests.

Rolling Stone magazine again had a fairly detailed discussion of the night’s events, including their judgment about who did well and poorly.

Seth Meyers had a pretty comprehensive review of both debates, though given the large number of candidates, he could only spend time on only those who are leading in the polls, except for mentioning others like John Delaney and Marianne Williamson as punch lines.

It seems like CNN was the clear loser for trying desperately to gin up a gladiatorial fight between the candidates instead of letting them make important and substantive points, and for cutting off the candidates before they could answer properly.


  1. Ketil Tveiten says

    CNN gave internet right-wing nutjob Erick Erickson a job after he called some bland Democrat (I forget which one) a “goatfucking child molester”. It’s a wonder they have any credibility as a serious news organization at all.

  2. says

    The media want you not to know that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tore apart three things in this second debate to considerable applause: 1) Kamala Harris’ record as State Prosecutor in California. 2) Monstrous spending on endless wars in the Middle East. 3) The new cold war escalation against nuclear-armed powers. She was rewarded by the media trying very hard to brand her as a supporter of Syria’s Assad, which is an untruth. Please see Caitlin Johnstone’s blog on these subjects and youtubes of Tulsi. She is our best hope as a peace candidate IMO. Thank you.

  3. Some Old Programmer says

    Ketil Tveiten @2, If you believe Wikipedia, Erick Erickson’s attack was on US Supreme Court Justice David Souter. All the more reason to regard him as a pariah.

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