Renewed violence in Sri Lanka

Curfews have been reintroduced in Sri Lanka as a result of violence aimed at Muslims presumably in retaliation for the deadly Easter Sunday attacks by Islamists that killed 253 people and injured hundreds more.

Sri Lanka has imposed a nationwide curfew for the second night in a row after a wave of anti-Muslim violence in the wake of the Easter bombings.

A Muslim man was stabbed to death while rioters torched Muslim-owned shops and vandalised mosques during Monday’s attacks.

Police have arrested 60 people, including the leader of a far-right Buddhist group.

The United Nations has called for calm and a “rejection of hate”.

A nationwide curfew, declared for the second night running, will come into effect at 21:00 (15:30 GMT) on Tuesday.

The country’s North-Western province, where the worst violence flared, will be shut down for longer, police said.

This kind of retaliatory violence against innocent people that leads to increased tensions between communities is of course exactly what the bombers want. They want to destabilize societies by inflaming sectarian passions and those who are behind these new attacks are playing right into their hands.

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