More on the New Zealand tragedy

Jen Sorensen compares the response of New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern to the racist president that the US currently has.

Stephen Colbert also spoke about it …

… as did John Oliver


  1. johnson catman says

    It is a real horror that ALL of us in the US are being represented on the world stage by the racist, xenophobic, asshole administration that was voted in by an idiotic minority. This administration has done more harm to people in and out of this country than could have ever been imagined. And all of the republicans that “served” in Congress for the first two years are entirely complicit in allowing/encouraging it to happen.

  2. Dunc says

    This administration has done more harm to people in and out of this country than could have ever been imagined.

    You clearly lack imagination. To be honest, I still think Dubya holds the prize here, what with the whole business of starting two massive, pointless, multi-decade wars that destabilized the entire Middle East. Sure, Trump is bad, but his directly attributable death toll isn’t even into seven figures yet, and he hasn’t started even one entirely new war.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Another contrast between the US and NZ: the behaviour of gun owners.

    One NZ gun owner: ” it became that trade-off: is my convenience worth the risk to other people’s lives by having these guns in the country? I pretty quickly realised there was no comparison. We’ll cope without semi-automatic weapons, we won’t cope without the people who were taken from us from these events.”

    Same gun owner, on Twitter: “Until today I was one of the New Zealanders who owned a semi-automatic rifle. On the farm they are a useful tool in some circumstances, but my convenience doesn’t outweigh the risk of misuse. We don’t need these in our country. We have make sure it’s #NeverAgain”

    Very laudable, but just one bloke. But wait: what to expect from the gun lobby in NZ? Crudely, their nearest equivalent to the NRA?

    “Fish and Game NZ, a key organisation in New Zealand’s hunting lobby, also supported calls for a ban and buyback of military-style semi-automatic weapons and would support a limitation on the sale of high-capacity magazines, which could prevent people from illegally modifying a smaller capacity semi-automatic rifle into a military-style weapon”

  4. Jenora Feuer says

    Wait, did you somehow replace the NZ PM vs Trump cartoon with the Indian elections video? Because the previous cartoon is missing, and the comments here are based on the previous missing article rather than the current one.

  5. Mano Singham says


    Something weird is happening. When I tried to add the new post on the Indian elections, it kept writing over this post.

    I am going to have to see what is going on before posting anything new.

  6. ridana says

    Something odd is going on on the whole site for me. If I click on my gateway Pharyngula bookmark, I get the page showing the last article is the science hangout post, and the last article in the Recent FTB Posts list for this blog is the war criminals post.
    I posted a reply to Crip Dyke’s Nunes post which does not appear on the post page, but her blog listing shows 1 comment for that post.
    No one else’s blogs are updating in the Recent Posts list either. It’s like the links are frozen in time, only accessible by looking at individual posts (which then have the most recent posts listed in the sidebar).
    Just thought I’d mention it in case it’s not just me.

  7. efogoto says

    I have to press F5 to refresh the page after coming here or to Pharyngula to see the more current posts.

  8. efogoto says

    And now that I’ve told the mechanic I hear a weird rattle, I have no more troubles with the pages refreshing. Ain’t it always the way?

  9. ridana says

    @ efogoto: Hey, that worked for me too! I also needed to refresh the page on Crip Dyke’s blog post, but when I did, lots of replies showed up, not just mine. And it seems to stay fixed, instead of needing to be refreshed every time. I wonder why that worked when clearing cookies and logging in and out didn’t?

    Anyway, thanks for the tip!!

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