1. says

    Just a few days ago I was giving these assholes too much credit. I said: “I suspect the people in our fuhrer’s clique that are capable of being semi-thoughtful would really rather not have anti-semites be their main supporters.”

    Then I heard they were all spouting George Soros conspiracies. If they aren’t actually full blown anti-semites in their shriveled hearts, they’re willing to use literal nazism to further their power. Same fucking difference.

    What will it take for these people to stop surprising me with their depravity and evil? I feel like a chump.

  2. Art says

    Okay … liberals have Soros.

    The radical right has Adelson, Braman, Friess, Johnson, Koch, Langone, Mercer, Ricketts, Singer, and Thiel,

    Those ten names should be repeated as often as possible.

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