Yet another rabbit hole to avoid

There are so many weird news items these days that I simply ignore most of them as not worth following up, since their existence is so fleeting and they are soon replaced by the next absurdity. But if they occur frequently enough, then the names and words associated with them stick in my mind and once in a while I find an article that explains what is going on. That is the case with QAnon.

So what is it with QAnon? This is the latest emission from the fevered swamps of conspiracy theorists and this article by Will Sommer explains what it is about. It has its origins in cryptic anonymous postings by someone who people think is high up in the government and has high security clearance and thus knows ‘the secret truth’, although there is no evidence of this. Followers of QAnon try to decipher the clues in the postings, somewhat like those who try to interpret the Nostradamus writings or engage in mystery theater prodcutions.

Sommer links to a video by someone who claims to reveal the nature of the dark conspiracy being waged to destroy everyone and everything and how their machinations are to be foiled.

The video begins by condemning the massive and rising inequality in the US and how people are being deliberately divided according to race and religion and the like to enable the exploitation to continue. But then it goes full bonkers and says that all this is being orchestrated by shadowy figures known as the Deep State. No prizes for guessing that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are part of it, though the inclusion of George W. Bush was unexpected. The US military became aware of the plan and worked to get Donald Trump elected and that together they have prepared thousands of sealed indictments ready to be issued at any moment against all the agents of the Deep State. Expect mass arrests of prominent people any moment.

I think I know all that I need to know about this group. What boggles the mind is that so many people seem to be willing to sign on to it.


  1. Jean says

    The first “good guy” they show is Flynn? When your good guys are Flynn, Putin, Xi Jinping, the Saudi prince, and Trump you show how out of touch with reality you are. I really don’t understand what action they’ve seen from Trump that can make anyone believe this even if you’re screwed up enough to believe the premise. No wonder he loves “low information” voters.

  2. says

    While I understand that such a conspiracy might not want anything more than an easy to control figurehead I still find it hard to believe that Donald J. Trump would ever end up at the top of the list of any supercompetent, shadowy group. I mean, is Donald Trump really the best you could come up with?

  3. jrkrideau says

    My old university’s name starts with a Q. Note to self: Make sure you do not have any old sweatshirts with a big Q on the front.

    I could more or less agree with some of the first 3-4 minutes of the video but boy oh boy, it goes full bonkers after that. I realize that every country has its nutcases. Tommy Robinson in the UK reportedly has 800K followers on twitter (or Facebook?) but does the US have more nutters per capita or because I live so close to it, I just see more of it.

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