Is this my Facebook-free future?

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I had deleted my Facebook account, as well as my LinkedIn account. Is this what my future is going to look like?

Nah. Since I did not use Facebook anyway, my life has gone on as before with no change at all, except that I no longer get emails from Facebook alerting me to follow the routine events of other people’s lives. I also no longer get friend requests from people I have never heard of. So it’s all good.


  1. Dago Red says

    I don’t believe in Facebook
    I don’t believe in LinkedIn
    I don’t believe in Twitter
    I don’t believe in Youtube
    I don’t believe in Instagram
    I don’t believe in Tumblr
    I don’t believe in Pinterest
    I don’t believe in Reddit
    I don’t believe in Zuckerberg

    I just believe in me.

    (…to borrow a bit from JL.)

  2. lanir says

    To really get free you need something that keeps their stuff from loading on half the pages on the internet. Every time you see their little icon that lets you “favorite” some thing they’re tracking you. Here’s one tool that does that, there are others.

    -- it doesn’t block ads, just trackers
    -- it doesn’t have a built-in list, it learns as you browse the web
    -- it can make mistakes but does so rarely and it’s easy to troubleshoot

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