One ghastly person interviews another ghastly person

Apparently Smarmy Piers Morgan had an interview with Narcissist Donald Trump in Davos, Switzerland. I will definitely not watch it because I cannot take even 30 seconds of either person and seeing both at the same time would make me throw up. Ghastliness is bad enough, ghastliness2 is just too much.


  1. EigenSprocketUK says

    I reckon Morgan thinks he’s (a) doing Trump a favour by allowing him to get out of his awful, and probably deliberate, retweet of the UK EDL videos, and (b) doing the Tory government a favour by telling the country that we’ve still got that old “special relationship” with the US. Maybe he thinks he’ll get a knighthood out of it.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Great interview, Donald supports the UK and likes May.

    No report if May still needs bodyguards to protect her from Trump. Earlier bits of film suggest that May does not see Trump as being as strange a thing as Angela Merkel seemed to feel but then, May had years of exposure to David ( pig head) Cameron and other Conservatives so Trump may seem almost normal.

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