Can someone please explain this joke to me?

The Bizarro comic, as the name implies, has a somewhat off-kilter type of humor but I usually get it. But this one from a few days ago completely baffled me. Can anyone explain the joke to me?

UPDATE: Just after I posted this, I looked again at the panel and suddenly a possible explanation came to mind, but am curious if others see it the same way.


  1. EigenSprocketUK says

    Ah, not the first to say: The nose.
    But the humour escapes me. So let’s just laugh at someone with a big nose.

  2. says

    There was a bra developed a few years ago that was layered with activated charcoal and could be used as two gas masks by yourself and a select friend. Perhaps this guy doesn’t have such a friend.

  3. says

    And if you’re male and need an item to contain a somewhat large dangly thing, wouldn’t you go with a jockstrap?

  4. efogoto says

    Bruce @ 6: The alien is one of the things he constantly draws into his panels. Another two I saw here are the eyeball on the shelf and the pie slice under the counter.

    I have no idea where the humor is supposed to lie in this comic.

  5. Timberwoof says

    As a nerd who played amateur ice hockey, I thought I got it but didn’t think it was very funny. Then I saw Tabby’s comment and thought it was not very funny at all. As you can see from my icon, I have a big nose.

  6. blf says

    The customer’s nose is completely out-of-proportion; the nose of the person behind the counter seems sensibly proportioned; so I also suspect it’s very weak joke about the nose.

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