John Oliver on the Trump-Comey exchange and the British elections

In addition to reviewing James Comey’s testimony and Donald Trump’s bizarre response to it, he also gives his take on the British elections and the complicated nature of the upcoming Brexit negotiations that begin this week. Theresa May said that she called elections three years early in order to be in a stronger position to negotiate. But now May’s failed gamble makes her weaker since her loss of a majority means she will need to get the approval of the DUP for her positions. He explains the difference between what is being called ‘hard Brexit’ and a ‘soft Brexit’. We also learn a lot more about Lord Buckethead who challenged Theresa May for her seat.

The video above has been pulled so here is another link that has only the election part.

He also looks at the odd fact that the audience in the America’s Got Talent show seem to be easily amazed, at least according to their expressions. I know that audiences at these TV shows get cues to applaud and laugh. Do they also get cues to look amazed for the benefit of the cameras? Maybe before the show they are required to watch Sid Caesar on Sesame Street to see how to act when the cue signs go on to act surprised.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    I’ve always thought that what’s wrong with the government in the USA is that even at their most progressive (which is emphatically not now) they are always in hock to a bunch of crazy, climate-change denying, anti-abortion, misogynistic, homophobic religious bigots. I’m so glad I live in the UK.
    Oh… wait.

  2. KG says

    We also learn a lot more about Lord Buckethead who challenged Theresa May for her seat.

    These crank candidates are a real nuisance. Surely there should be some way of excluding the likes of Theresa May from interfering with important political figures such as Lord Buckethead getting their message across.

  3. KG says

    I wrote #2 before watching John Oliver’s video. At just after 27 minutes, Lord Buckethead really does have a more sensible take on the upcomimng Brexit negotiations than either May or Corbyn (“It’s going to be a shit-show!”). Both May and Corbyn are still suggesting the UK can retain all the advantages of being in the EU without any of the costs -- and specifically, tariff-free access to the single market without freedom of movement for EU citizens in the UK.

  4. boof says

    The audience reactions shots can be taken from anywhere in the broadcast and then edited together later. So there might have only been one thing in the entire broadcast that amazed people, but the editors took reaction shots from that and then showed them following other items that they wanted people to look amazed by.

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