The Trump tax proposals

Desperate to show something, anything, that will deflect criticism that he is a loser who has not achieved anything of substance in his first 100 days and that he has in fact caved on many of his campaign promises and totally stabbed his supporters in the back, Donald Trump has released his tax ‘proposals’, a grandiose name for a vague “one page of double-spaced bullet points with some hefty margins” as Stephen Colbert said. Like with so much of what the Trump administration, it looks like the kind of thing that a middle school student who hasn’t done any research or even reading would come up with. But Derek Thompson does an analysis of it anyway though there is a long way to go before it has any hope of being implemented.

The proposals consist of a wish list that will be an enormous windfall for the very rich, including Trump and his family, and explode the deficit, the thing that Republicans are always saying is a bad thing when it comes to spending money on things that will benefit the poor and middle class.

Seth Meyers looks at this and other failures of Trump in his first 100 days.


  1. busterggi says

    Actually it was pretty good work on Trump’s part not to have “VOODOO” written in large font on his proposal/

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