Trump the conman

Here are his greatest hits (i.e., lies on the campaign trail) that his followers all bought into, even though his claims were absurd on their face. How desperate and/or angry and/or gullible must people be to fall for that line of patter?


  1. says

    Nice try, but I bet if I click on that video expecting to get upset that you’re making us watch Bill Maher, it’ll turn out to be a rickroll instead.

  2. EigenSprocketUK says

    I see that one of Maher’s guests in that video was Britain’s ex-MP and expatriate / economic migrant Louise Mensch. She’s still on her tour to ingratiate herself with the Republican-but-anti-Trump-and-anyway-we-decided-he-was-a-fraud-before-it-was-even-cool-but-after-you-elected-him crowd. And when they eventually get rid of Trump, they’ll still have the GOP for the remainder of the term. Just right to be a guest on Maher’s show, I suppose.
    Oh, and as a British MP she was generally regarded over here as a full member of the usual awful right-wing back-bench cheerleading crowd. And that was before she started on all the toxicity behind the campaign to support Prof Tim Hunt (remember #distractinglysexy?) at the expense of people like Connie St Louis and Sue Nelson.

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