Blog anniversary

Today is the 12th anniversary of my beginning to blog, starting at first on a platform provided by my university before moving in 2012 to Freethought Blogs. It has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have made the online acquaintance of many highly knowledgeable, insightful, funny, and thoughtful people among those who have read and commented.

Thanks to all very much for providing the stimulus to write. I feel that I have become a better (and quicker) writer because of the constant writing and editing and feedback.


  1. raym says

    Happy Blogday! And thank you for being here -- I really enjoy your writing, and the comments it tends to elicit, too.

  2. WhiteHatLurker says

    I see that is the silk anniversary. May you be spun into worm cocoons, or something like that.

    Congrats and keep writing the good fight.

  3. Carl Fink says

    Happy anniversary, Mano! I found your blog when you moved to FTB, and while I don’t comment much, I read almost every post (I admit, I usually skip over the cricket ones). Your thoughtful style of writing and unique insight have been inspiring. Thank you.

  4. Friendly says

    Congrats on a dozen years! I hope that you can share your observations and thoughts with us for many more years to come!

  5. Tadas says

    Congrats, Mano! It is an absolute pleasure to follow your blog and read what all of your insightful commentators have to say. Reading it is a daily habit for me. And I thought about it for a few moments what a large impact your writing has had on me. I came across your blog right at the time I had my own personal “renaissance” in thinking and belief. Perhaps I would still would have become the person I am today, but who knows! There are so many good things I can say, but perhaps two words will sum it up. Thank you.

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