Samantha and Glenn sitting in a tree?

Glenn Beck has been one of the wildest right wing media personalities, advancing all manner of bizarre theories in his time. But for some reason, he took an intense dislike to Donald Trump and has been harshly criticizing him. Samantha Bee decided to see if this shared distaste could form the basis of a more positive relationship and paid him a visit to see what they might have in common.


  1. Siobhan says

    Beck recanted on quite a few of his previous positions lately. Another year or two of this and I might call him a member of the reality based community!

  2. mithrandir says

    Glenn Beck has always made his living on saying the most outrageous and offensive things he can. In the Trump era, what could be more outrageous and offensive than telling the truth?

  3. hyphenman says

    So, I confess that as I watched the video, my mind went back to Lee Atwater and I have to wonder if Beck is suffering from a fatal illness.

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  4. Ice Swimmer says

    AFAIK, a few years ago, Beck had serious health problems and, according to TYT, an alleged quack has given him some questionable treatment for the health problems.

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