Trump and Clinton are not equally bad

Anyone who has been a long time reader of this blog knows that I have not been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. But the idea that she and Donald Trump are equally bad is preposterous. There is simply no comparison and Seth Meyers, in his update on the state of the election, does a wonderful job of comparing the negatives of both candidates, starting at the 6:10 mark. And he does not even mention Trump’s sociopathic levels of lying and his ignorance of major issues.


  1. says

    I just wish there was someone I could believe in, a little bit.

    Of course, the last politician I believed in was Obama 1.0 “US out of Afghanistan” “close Gitmo” “out of Iraq” FFS. So, yeah, at this point I assume they’re all lying sacks of shit that will disappoint me given the chance. Of course, some sacks of shit are heavier and have fermented longer, so I do pick favorites among the sacks, since shitsacks are all we’re going to get.

  2. Jake Harban says

    If you simply ignore everything Clinton has done, it’s easy to pretend she’s so much better than Trump.

  3. John Morales says

    Jake, thing is, Trump has never had the sort of official political power Hillary has had.

    What he’s done with what indirect political power he has had is bad enough…

    (You know why the adage “better the devil you know” came about? Hard-won collective wisdom)

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