Trump’s latest accuser rejected a deal with him

The latest accuser of Donald Trump’s aggressive actions towards women is Jessica Drake, an actor in adult films, who claims that in 2006, after she rejected his advances, Trump offered her $10,000 to change her mind and have sex with him. She turned that down too, even though he sweetened the deal with an offer to fly her in his private plane.

Here she is at a press conference describing what happened.

If she had accepted, though, she would likely have experienced the same fate as other people who did business with him. He would first have pushed to have as much of the payment as possible due only after completion of the work. Then he would have said that her work was not satisfactory and paid less than what he owed and then stalled and stalled about paying the rest. And when challenged, he would have told her to sue him for it, knowing that it would not be worth it for her.

So Drake was smart to have refused to have business dealings with him.

Trump has been denying all the accusations made against him by so many women and promises to sue them after the election. Since the number already is around a dozen, his legal team is going to be busy if he actually carries out the threat, which is doubtful.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    I would love to see the Donald sue every single person who claims that he groped women, since one of the people he would have to sue would be a certain Donald J. Trump, who made the claim eleven years ago to Billy Bush.

    I’d love to be the defense lawyer for one of those women. “So, Mr. Trump, you deny now that you performed these actions, but we’ve also just seen the tape where you claim to have done them. So were you lying then, or lying now? Either way, we’ve now established that you’re a proven liar.”

  2. Jockaira says

    You haven’t established that Trump is a liar until you show that at least one of those actions is true. Until then he’s a Schrödinger’s Liar.

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