Samantha Bee reviews the GOP primaries

She looks back at how we got to this point in the Republican race where the media with its Trump-obsession helped give him $3 billion worth of free advertising and forced nearly all his former rivals to eat their words and support him. (She does not mention that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have not as yet capitulated to Trump.)


  1. lorn says

    With all the negative, homo-erotic, homophobic, sexist, anti-sex, sentiment behind the “he is what they bend over for” line the fact is, IMHO, that this is both very funny, and it is simply an indirect manifestation of core GOP kiss-up-kick-down attitudes that drive so may aspects of their policy. It is, at its core, a simplistic carrot and stick approach which assumes you promote wealth by making wealth more attractive and limit poverty by making poverty more painful. It fetishizes personal choice and valorizes anyone who has has gained, through any means whatsoever, a significant advantage in wealth or power. It is a grand philosophy for making wealthy people feel really good about themselves while making the less well off feel worse. It is a philosophy for the sycophant.

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