John Kasich is no moderate

Now that the Republican race is down to just five people and Jeb! has gone, John Kasich seems to have cemented his position in the media as the ‘moderate’ and ‘reasonable’ candidate. It’s about time that someone exposed his aw shucks, midwestern moderate shtick for its phoniness and Samantha Bee does an excellent job in her latest episode of Full Frontal.

Last Sunday he also signed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, also curbing its programs such as HIV testing, health screenings, and prevention of violence against women.

Bee does not even mention the other things Kasich has done. He has boasted about cutting taxes (that have mainly benefitted the rich) and balancing budgets but that is by reducing the money that goes to local governments and other entities who have had in turn to cut services or raise local taxes and he has messed up the education sector. As usual, such measures hit the poor hardest. His claims about his achievements have been highly exaggerated.

To his credit, he has opposed Donald Trump’s call to deport all undocumented immigrants and to ban all Muslims from entering the US. His one major claim to ‘moderation’ was his acceptance of the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare. He was willing to buck the Republican party and orthodoxy on that issue but the Medicaid expansion was always something that only someone who really, really hates the poor would reject.


  1. doublereed says

    Didn’t he also suggest the American Government should have proselytizing Christianity as part of its foreign policy? That was one of the wackiest theocratic things I’ve heard that made me question the whole “moderate” shtick.

  2. StevoR says

    No president either.

    Has he officially dropped out yet? No? Just a matter of time.

    The Republican options = a shit sandwich with broken glass and ebola versus a shit sandwich with rusty nails and smallpox or alternatively a shit sandwich with dysentery -- all served on stale bread with a cup of cold sick to wash it down with. Who’d eat any of those by choice? (And our Aussie choices this year -- both major ones -- are not that much better either. 🙁 )

    The Democratic nomination sandwich may not be as tasty as y’all would like. Hey, it may even be bitter, dry or over-cooked but least it won’t be shit.

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