Bernie Sanders gets two important TV appearances

Last night Sanders appeared on the Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show to loud and prolonged applause and they had an extended discussion on the issue of ISIS, climate change, income and wealth inequality, and police brutality.

Meanwhile Killer Mike, who is part of the group Run the Jewels and is apparently very big in the rap scene, appeared on Stephen Colbert’s talk show. He is also an activist and he talked with Colbert talked about the state of race relations in the US today and why he supports Bernie Sanders.

Sanders needs to gain support from the black community which has largely been in Hillary Clinton’s camp and I hope these two items help move sentiment in that direction.

I never used to watch late night TV on the network channels and so have no basis for comparison but it seems like I run across a lot of clips where Colbert is discussing politics with a variety of non-mainstream guests and was wondering if his show is a lot more political than his predecessors like David Letterman and Jay Leno.


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    Yes, Colbert is trying to raise the late night bar with his show and trying to keep some of what got him there in the first place while trying to appeal to a wider audience. How long that lasts will depend greatly on the demographics he’s able to pull in.

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