Another farewell to Scott Walker

The ignominious early departure of someone as unlikable as Scott Walker was bound to create a great deal of schadenfreude, especially given the risible way he tried to describe his defeat as somehow a call by god for him to exercise a novel form leadership. Stephen Colbert decides to give Walker a farewell too, likening the elimination process in the Republican primary race to what happens in The Hunger Games. Not having read the books or seen the films, some of the allusions are lost on me.


  1. Holms says

    Not exactly on topic, but since you mention The Hunger Games, I’ll let you know that you have not missed much at all. I don’t know about the movies, but the books were abysmal.

  2. Sunday Afternoon says

    @Holms, #1:

    I’ve seen the movies, but not read the books. I rather enjoyed the last bit where they projected “The Fallen” on the ceiling.

    I think Colbert/his writers are a little lost having so much time to fill each night. I’ve watched several recent shows and they just don’t seem as tight as “The Colbert Report”.

    @Mano: yes, Walker’s excuse was indeed risible!

  3. Numenaster says

    I read the books, and they were pretty good Young Adult fiction. People who are no longer Young Adults (pretty much anyone old enough to drive) may find them a little thin, but there were mostly-believable characters (for a YA novel, at least) and interesting traps in the Games. I really appreciated the way the romantic story line did not follow the routine path: it was a nice bit of realism that added some mystery and unpredictability to the otherwise ironclad plot.

    I saw the first movie and it followed the book pretty closely. I won’t see the other movies since the cinematography and use of tension in the visual styling leaves me too tense to enjoy watching.

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