Trying to defy the same-sex marriage ruling

The attempts by opponents of same-sex marriage to stall the inevitable continue. There was a pathetic effort by a Catholic youth group called Catholic Vote to produce a video that mimics the It Gets Better Project and video series that encouraged young gay people who felt victimized to not lose hope. The Catholic Vote video shows young people hesitantly revealing their belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, implying that young people who feel that way nowadays suffer the same level of ostracizing that gay teens feel.

This spawned a number of parody videos, such as this one.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, all the clerks in the Decatur County office have resigned rather that issue licenses to same-sex couples, something they feel goes against their religious beliefs. You have to admire their willingness to stand up for what they believe in, even if you don’t admire their beliefs.

Not so Casey Davis, clerk of Casey County in Kentucky, who refuses to issue marriages licenses to anyone at all and yet refuses to resign the way that those other county clerks did. In an interview with Chris Hayes, he makes the bizarre claim that he took an oath of office to only issue licenses to opposite-sex couples. Of course, the oaths that government officials take are nowhere near that specific. He is probably trying to claim that opposite-sex marriage was the law when he took office and thus he should be somehow grandfathered into it. But it is absurd to think that you are only bound by the laws that were in existence when you took your oath of office.

Davis does display impressive filibustering skills though, thwarting Hayes’s attempts to question him.


  1. Trickster Goddess says

    “This seems like the domain of Caeser.”

    Perfect answer to those grandstanding bigots.

    He kept saying “at this time my conscience won’t let me…” The question I wanted to hear asked of him was at what time did he think his conscience would let him start issuing marriage certificates again? Or, more broadly, what does he want to accomplish with this protest/tantrum/stunt of his? Special accommodation? A permanent ban on issuing licenses in county?

    I think what he wants is to have his George Wallace moment standing firm and temporarily stemming the tide of evil equality. Then he’ll back down, grumbling, and go back to doing his job. After that he’ll work the right wing talk circuit on the side for a few months as a Victim of the government’s Persecution of Christians.

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