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The recent murders of three secular bloggers Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman, and Ananta Bijoy Das in Bangladesh by religious extremists purportedly linked to al Qaeda have resulted in serious concerns for the safety of others who are still there. One of the FtB bloggers Taslima Nasrin lived in India and had also been targeted with death threats. Given the recent history in that part of the world, this was not a threat to be taken lightly and the local police did not inspire confidence in their ability to protect her.

Given the danger, a group of secular activists in the US worked behind the scenes to get her out of the country and bring her to the US. The whole thing was done under a veil of secrecy because it was feared that if it were known that she was leaving, it might have encouraged her potential assailants to act even more quickly.

We can now report with relief that Taslima has arrived in the US.

Ed Brayton was one of the key people behind this effort and has provided a detailed chronology of what happened and all the players involved in helping her leave.

However, Taslima now has to make a new life for herself in the US and this requires more resources to help get her on her feet. The Center for Inquiry, one of the key groups involved with getting her out, has in addition to issuing a press release about her case, also created a fund where your tax-deductible donations can be sent to help Taslima and other secular bloggers in similar danger from religious extremists.


  1. Dave Huntsman says

    Great that she’s safe. We at the Northern Ohio Freethought Society (NOFS) just contributed $250 to CFI’s fund for her; not much, but, hey, we’re a small group.

  2. thewhollynone says

    That answered one of my questions-- the CFI fund takes a tax exempt contribution. Will read Brayton’s blog for other answers. Thanks for passing on this information.

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