Changes since Snowden

On the anniversary of the publication of the first articles based on the revelations of Edward Snowden, we can expect to see a lot of retrospectives in the media about the past year and much has changed in that time.

NPR had a clip this morning about how other countries now view US technology companies with suspicion as being accomplices of the US government in spying and are seeking ways to create their own data storage systems that bypass the US. US companies have realized the danger to their businesses and are scrambling to try and regain that trust. This article looks at the companies that are now emphasizing the steps they are taking to make end-to-end encryption the default. Perhaps the biggest development is the Reset the Net movement that seeks to reclaim the internet by making high-quality encryption the default.

However the US government is tenacious in its attempts to retain its power over people and you can be sure that Obama’s promises of reform will be toothless.

The ACLU has put out a helpful timeline of the events of the past year to help people keep track of the dizzying array of spying programs.

Here is a short video also produced by the ACLU that looks at where we were and what needs to be done.


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