Help Ed Brayton fight a lawsuit

Ed Brayton not only writes the widely read blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars but is also the person who manages the business end of the Freethought Blogs site and keeps the whole thing running smoothly.

He is now being sued by a lawyer from Texas whom he had criticized. It is a lawsuit that the lawyer will likely lose but that does not mean that Ed does not have to hire a lawyer in Texas to fight the case, and this all adds up to expenses at the front end.

In order to meet this need, he has started a fund to raise money for his legal expenses.

Ed does extremely valuable work on many areas of the social justice front and I encourage everyone who can to chip in. We should not let people be silenced because of the fear of legal expenses to fight lawsuits.


  1. Trebuchet says

    I’m glad you linked the post that started it so I understand it better. In that post, Ed refers them as “racist assholes” but only provided evidence of their anti-gay bigotry. That’s unfortunate. I’ve no doubt they are, in fact, racist assholes but there wasn’t a citation of it in that post.


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