The power of acting

The comment threads, especially on highly popular sites) can rapidly degenerate into ugly name-calling. But in this funny sketch (via Neetzan Zimmerman), two actors give a dramatic reading of a comment war between two people in which the topic of discussion is whether Harry, whom I’m guessing is a member of the singing group One Direction, is gay. They actually manage to elevate to something that could have been written by David Mamet. (Language advisory)


  1. wtfwhateverd00d says

    Past sixth grade, and to my regret, I never did any more acting, but you should have seen my daughter as Templeton the Rat in 3rd grade. Brought down the house.

    When I see acting like this, I am very impressed. What actors can do with their voices and minor changes in their faces really does amaze me, especially given how little of that we often see on the tube.

    But sometimes I am curious what other actors think, for instance, even acknowledging this is a parody video, maybe what they are doing is “just tricks”.

    Seriously, you should’ve seen my kid. Oh god damn was I proud and very happy for her.

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