‘Supermarket gallon smashers’ being charged

Readers may recall that about a month or so ago I expressed my extreme annoyance with those who pretended to have a spectacular fall in supermarkets, breaking gallon jugs of milk and juice and other things, creating a mess, spattering people nearby, and making fools of the people who expressed concern that they might be hurt and tried to help them. They would have an accomplice who recorded the events and posted it on YouTube.

It would appear that they achieved some fame of the kind that is now sought in the internet age, in that they got millions of approving viewers, and even spawned copycats.

Well, it turns out that it was not only admirers who were looking at those videos but also law enforcement authorities and as a result the people responsible for starting that stupid craze and some of their imitators have been identified and are being charged with multiple counts of destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Serves them right.


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