Two steps forward, one step back

I have been highlighting the progress that has been made in advancing acceptance of the LGBT community as deserving of the same rights and privileges as everyone else. But it is only fair to point out that there are still pockets of deep resistance and homophobia. For example, some parents and students and at least one teacher at an Indiana high school want to organize a prom that will be open to only heterosexual students. The reasons given are, of course, religious.

But what is hopeful is that they are getting pushback from others who are organizing a counter-campaign, with one student pointing out that the school itself does not support banning gay students from the prom.

“Sullivan High School is ACCEPTING the same-sex couples and the staff at SHS is for the same-sex couples going and so are the majority of student and people in the community,” the student wrote. “I absolutely hate how my town is getting called Anti-Gay Bigots because a few “Christians” are planning a separate prom! Not all of Sullivan is like that I can damn well guarantee it.”

So even such acts of exclusion can turn out to have a positive effect in getting those who have been silent speaking out against bigotry.


  1. says

    How are they going to check who’s heterosexual?

    Sounds like a great opportunity for everyone to lie, go anyway, and turn it into a great big coming-out party.
    Plan B would be the other students to take the “I’m Spartacus!” strategy en masse.

  2. Jockaira says

    Let them have their steeped-in-the-Blood-of Jesus parties. The heavy emphasis on Jesus will keep many from attending. If they turn it into a yearly affair, then progressively declining participation will serve the community as a handy guage of its cosmopolitanism.

  3. lanir says

    I’ve always kind of wondered when they would take the whole debate to it’s logical conclusion and just make a Porn for Christ cable tv channel where all the good Christians do their thing after undergoing inspections to make sure their relationship is “appropriate”.

    I’d normally feel bad for saying anything even remotely that nasty but I don’t think I added any barbs in there that weren’t already present to begin with.

  4. Nepenthe says

    Bisexuals would still get in and pervert all that clean straight sex with their dirty queer thoughts.

    *evil laugh*

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