Heathen kindergarteners

Reader Bob sent along this clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night TV show. It was about someone who came across a discarded piece of cardboard during his walk and thought he saw the face of Jesus on it. He said that the image was so glaringly obvious that even a kindergartener would see that it was the face of Jesus.

Kimmel decided to test this theory by sending out his team on the streets of Los Angeles to ask some actual kindergarteners what they thought the cardboard image looked like. Here’s the result.


  1. M, Supreme Anarch of the Queer Illuminati says

    Jesus? No way! That is clearly a profile of Malaclypse the Younger.

  2. bad Jim says

    The devil’s greatest trick was convincing everyone in Christendom that Jesus had blue eyes and long brown hair, though a moment’s thought leads to the conclusion that he must have had short black hair and brown eyes.

    It turns out that the face conventionally depicted is actually the devil instead.

  3. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    If that isn’t the sort of thing that works for you, for whatever reason, and you still want to see it, I can probably help with that.

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