Another animal rescue story

As I have said, I am a sucker for animal recue stories.

This time we have a series of photos of a mother dog repeatedly going into a burning building to recue her 10-day old puppies one by one and carrying them to safety.

Sadly, one of the puppies did not survive the burns.


  1. piegasm says

    Oh meh gawsh the kitty…eyes blistered shut, passed out only after making sure her babies were OK. *wibble*

    I could name some humans who’d benefit from taking a page out of these critters’ books.

  2. says

    Hi Mano,

    Touching post. My heart goes out to the mother for the loss of one of her puppies. What determination and courage was shown as her only focus was to save her children’s life! A lesson to be learned here by many a human I would say. I am sharing it on Facebook for more people to get to know this.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Jockaira says

    I find it extremely interesting that Amanda took her puppies to the fire truck stationed at the fire and lifted them into one of the side cabinets. One would expect her to be somewhat reluctant to approach with the roaring engine and whining pumps making a high level of noise. Apparently she had become very accustomed to associating humans and their machines with the idea of refuge and safety.

    Am I anthropomorphizing…Maybe it’s Amanda instead.

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