1. julian says

    I was kinda expecting this to be about wind as a an alternative energy…

    Strangely pleased with the actual content.

  2. says

    Interesting video, but I’m slightly creeped out that all of the targets chosen were women. Maybe there’s a reason for that that’s not obvious in the video itself, but it just struck me as a little… off, somehow.

  3. TGAP Dad says

    Ooh ooh! New quackery idea: wind therapy to improve skin tone! You know they’ll buy it! Who’s with me?

  4. tuibguy says

    My thought, in addition to the fact that I couldn’t stand the music and my shared concern for the title and then gender of the subjects, was that there would be no way in hell I would agree to do this without wearing goggles.

  5. left0ver1under says

    I wonder how many of them ended up with ripped skin along the gum line.

    For those asking about men’s faces being blown out by wind, here’s one. Skip ahead to the 3:00 mark for the relevant part:

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