Sketching illusions

The artist Nagai Hideyuki plays with our sense of perception by drawing figures on two flat pieces of paper that, when they are held at right angles and viewed from a certain direction, give the illusion of being 3-D constructions.

Here is one example and you should go to his website to see more.

What impresses me about artists like Hideyuki is how they manage to conceive of such ideas and then actually bring them to fruition. The ‘simple’ way would be to construct a 3-D model and then sketch what you see. But I suspect that Hideyuki is not doing something that pedestrian but instead visualizes the whole thing and then draws it. It is really quite ingenious.


  1. F says

    Wow. I also find it fascinating how people can work out how to represent mental models.

    @ Charles Sullivan

    I’ve seen galleries of 3D street art before, but i don’t believe I’ve seen most of those particular works. Again, wow.

  2. Mano Singham says

    I had not seen them before. They boggle the mind. Thanks for linking to them.

    One thing that is sad about sidewalk art and sandcastle art is that despite all that work, they are not permanent.

  3. Emptyell says

    I beg to differ.

    Their impermanence is an important part of what makes them so appealing. It’s the temporary transformation of the familiar to the unfamiliar that is startling and engaging, and there’s a special beauty in their transience that would be lost if made more permanent.

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