The Big Picture

Robert Reich likes to draw cartoons.

I’m on one of his e-mail lists, and early this morning I got a message that contains a link to a video of him drawing a really big one (ca. 6½ minutes) explaining how the economy got into the state that it’s in.

That was cute; but there should be an image, like maybe a JPEG, of the completed drawing so that we can see the whole thing all at once.  It doesn’t matter if it’s huge:  it would be good to be able to scroll around and zoom in/out.


  1. eastexsteve says

    I always enjoy listening to Robert Reich, he has a great series on “Wealth and Poverty” I was listening to class 6 this am. He talks about how less than 10% of the U.S. population owns a little over 90% of the wealth, but that’s how it has been for over a 100 years and I would like to ask him when it was different. We had the same ratio before the great depression and it’s unchanged. He might address that in a later lecture I think there’s 4 more. Thanks for posting.

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