Travel to Wrocław in the Fall

I got an e-mail message last night giving the dates are for the C++ standards committee meeting in Wrocław, Poland, so I’ve made some preliminary guesses about what my travel itinerary might look like.  There are still some unknowns, however; although it’ll almost certainly be Amtrak between St. Louis and Boston, Icelandair between Boston and some city in Europe, and then one or more trains to/from Wrocław.

As I’ve said before, I don’t like flying very much; and so I take Icelandair to/from Boston, mostly because I like getting off the plane and stretching my legs in Keflavík.  Also, I can usually afford Saga Class on Icelandair if I don’t try to afford other stuff that I don’t really want that much anyway; but business class on other airlines is typically pricier.

We’ll see how it actually works out…


  1. Allison says

    I believe it’s spelled “Wrocław” (pronounced “vraw-tswahv”), at least if we’re talking about the big city in southwest Poland. (“c” and “k” represent very different sounds in Polish) If I put “Wrokław” in Google maps, it turns it into “Wrocław,” so evidently, Google hasn’t hear of a city spelled your way, either.

    [15:15−6:  you’re right, thanks.  I fixed it.  I got it right in the document I linked to at least.]

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