Episode CCXLVII: Marry gaily

The Minnesota Atheists’ talk radio show this morning (9am Central) is all about gay marriage — we have a discrimination law suit working its way up the ladder in this state, trying to reverse the official homophobic policies around here. I think we should just bring in Jamie Kilstein to tour the state and explain the situation to everyone. That’ll straighten everyone out. No, wait, what’s the opposited of straighten? Kink everyone up?

(This video is NSFW, at all.)

(Last edition of TET)

Episode CCXLI: Squidgirl

Let’s see if closing the old long thread helps a little with the load here. Besides, you want to see the squidgirl anyway.

Also, good news: a fresh new server goes in tonight. Commenting will be temporarily shut down sometime after 9pm while the blogs get transferred, and when they’re switched on again, these performance problems should be gone.