1. birgerjohansson says

    Moar applause.
    Myself, I slept through most of the Saturday to catch up on the sleep lost to insomnia.
    (My work has been consistently D – , as you don’t do your best with three hours of sleep).
    Give your feline houseguest a hug, if he tolerates it. And get down to some Xmas rest & recreation. You have earned it.

  2. says

    Dear PZ, we know how dedicated you are. But, once again, you’ve earned your masochist’s badge. Congratulations and applause. Stay healthy.

  3. killyosaur says

    I would applaud as your student. But I am not, so the applause is just from a fan. Otherwise, I’ll applaud my prof when my grades are submitted :D

  4. cartomancer says

    John Morales, #14

    I would go with “quis arbitratur arbitros ipsos”, although the original “who guards the guards themselves” (quis custodiet custodes ipsos, from Juvenal’s Sixth Satire) uses the future tense, which would be “quis arbitrabitur arbitros ipsos”.

  5. Robert Webster says

    I’ve been in IT for over 50 years. And I have folx who think I should teach. Thanks for your example of why I don’t want any part of it. ;)

  6. birgerjohansson says

    (Groan) I found the perfect background information for your debate with the “does god exist” question…ten days too late.

    Of course, the proper question would be “Does Haruhi Suzumiya exist?” (a nod to anime fans everywhere).
    BTW did agent Mulder ever have a day as hectic as this?