1. StevoR says

    How does the swordfish get to eat the squid when it is stuck to its sword? I’m guessing it doesn’t have a super-long hummingbird type tongue so does it scrape it off on something (what? Open ocean?) or what?

  2. René says

    StevoR: Easy. You pick an awl (a.k.a. a piercer) — in our language, een priem — prick a piece of meat onto it, and SHAKE it off. Even above water it just needs a quick shake.

  3. wzrd1 says

    And here I thought it was the shark version of an aerospike. ;)

    Still, I prefer my squid lightly cooked in pasta sauce.

  4. René says

    BTW, I have no qualms about a sword fish killing a squid, it needs to eat — to be able to produce offspring. THE consequence of evolution is that amongst the living there’s more dying than living.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Walter Solomon @ 4, from what I’ve found online, the marlin slashes with the bill, to stun prey with it.

  6. steve1 says

    I did turn the sound on. Interesting they used the music from the movie The good the bad and the ugly. I recently lurned that snippet of music was inspired by a coyote howl.