1. says

    A few years back I was out at remote state park taking some star trail photos…by my self. Around midnight, I started to pack up at which time I heard what could only be described as a woman screaming bloody murder. Completely freaked me out. Came to find out later it was a barn owl.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Fun prank: If you are out in the Scandinavian woods late winter, you can hear the mating call of the pearl owl.
    -Get a friend to imitate the call telling him it will bring forth an owl (actually, it makes the males attack, claws first. And they go for the head/eyes).
    If you live in North America and a friend complains about sleep problems, entice Canadian Spotted Moose to hang out in a nearby forest by feeding them. The mating call of the males are among the loudest noise emitted by a mammal.

    I said “friend”, I did not say good friend.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    The sounds of magpie chicks are not to be despised. Especially if your bed is at the wall facing the nest.

  4. hemidactylus says

    Awww… the kiwi is lamenting its ancestors forgoing the ability to fly, then trots away on two legs.

    John Morales @1- What sounds do drop bears make?

  5. submoron says

    What about the Manx Shearwater? Dawkins in The God Delusion tells the story of a camper who erected his tent over a burrow and awoke to a diabolical screaming that drove him to be ordained.

  6. wzrd1 says

    How decidedly odd! I’m unaware of any demon that is employed by my organization that sounds like a kiwi bird.
    Given that Satan is my best employee, I do know a bit about the calls of angry demons, typically when asking for overtime hours to be worked.

    The call reminds me of a late night, oh so long ago, when my unit went to the field, encamping around 1:00 AM. Mosquitoes were enjoying their bloodfest of us, crickets were screaming by the millions trying to get laid and well, irritated beyond reason, I screamed out, “ALL OF YOU, SHUT THE FUCK UP!”. The damned crickets actually did shut up – briefly, much to the entertainment of a couple of hundred men.
    Then, they resumed, after their polite pause in mating calls, to grow even louder.
    Nature respects you greatly – while it’s laughing at you. Then, it happily eats you.
    Which is fine, I quite enjoy eating that which is eating me. With the exception of eating e. coli, which generally tents to taste rather like shit.

    I’ll just get my coat…

  7. says

    @8 Brony, Social Justice Cenobite wrote about Gila Woodpeckers, Thrashers and Cactus Wrens.
    I reply, yes, but here in Scarizona, the most dangerous sounds made by animals are made by the PoliticusMaximus Rtwingnutia. they can be heard all over the state screeching loudly all day and night.

  8. gijoel says

    @1 Ah yes, possums. It’s a wonderful feeling to discover that multiple Freddy Kruegers with a cold have moved into your roof at 3 in the morning. /s

  9. wzrd1 says

    gijoel yeah, after watching one opossum happily eating a den of kittens.
    Attempts to frighten it away, unsuccessful until I approached and well, that was way too late.
    The lesson of intervene early tempered by experience, where intervening without information lead to horrors and well, it was only kittens, their own harm to an environment.
    Still, not fun watching anything die, despite needing to kill organisms to live.
    Upside, got preserved celery and peppers in the freezer for stews.
    Welcome to the insanity of life.

    Our youngest suggested she’d make quiche for a meal. That occupied my thoughts for a bit, so when shopping, bought one, as the consumption would exceed my requirements. Should’ve went with the spinach version over the Lorraine version. Tossed some olive loaf over the mess, called it lunch.
    And well, a massive input to dinner.
    Gotta balance input to poutput.
    Just to continually win the funny face contest with children.

    Rule 1: When sad, win with a funny joke.

  10. Rob Grigjanis says

    Speaking of demons. I’d long thought sparrows were mostly harmless. One summer, I let them use an old swallow nest in our carport. The next summer, swallows reinforced the same nest and used it. The boss male sparrow waited until the chicks had hatched, then slaughtered them. Ain’t nature grand?

  11. hemidactylus says

    wzrd1 @16
    I just started buying celery and eating it raw with blue cheese dressing. Why does one need chicken wings to enjoy that delight? Celery is supposed to be nature’s toothbrush for your nethers.

  12. prairieslug says

    I have chickens and love all the wonderful demonic sounds they make, so this really makes me happy. Thanks PZ!

  13. says

    They do make other sounds. I think that one might be one male calling out another one? But here’s a male looking for love.

  14. llyris says

    Hemidactylus @ 9

    Nobody knows for certain. Nobody has survived to report. We assume it is probably similar in sound to a very large male koala.